Welcome to the web page of Folklore Group Čtyřlístek

Folklore Music and Dance Group Čtyřlístek was established in 1976 by members of a folklore music group which has been present in Nove Straseci ever since 1956, thus more than 60 years.

The Group is focused on folklore from the Central Bohemia (Rakovnik, Beroun and Slany region) but it also incorporates cimbalom, and bagpipes bands which perform moravian, and south and west bohemian songs.
So far Čtyřlístek has performed in more than 1500 events both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Čtyřlístek’s performance was applauded by audiences in France, Italy, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, China and of course Slovakia.


For many years Čtyřlístek has belonged among foremost Czech folklore groups and it regularly participates in folklore festivals and competitions. It was awarded the main prize on the International Folklore Festival in Straznice in 1986 and represented the Czech Republic on the International Folklore Festival in Vychodna, Slovakia, in 1988. In 1989 the Supraphon recording label released LP recording “Čtyřlístek”. 

On several occasions, the group performed on television broadcast and the instrumental part of the group cooperated with Czech Radio. In 2001, on the anniversary of establishment of the Group the a CD compilation of Cimbalom music was released.